Either if you are a stay-at-home parent or simply dreaming of a job that you could do from the comfort of your home office, there is a way to earn a solid six figure income and still have those flexible hours working to your benefit. Here before you is a list of top 10 stay at home jobs, but before we start it is important to emphasize the fact that although you are saving money and time on commuting, and certain benefits may seem attractive, there are factors that can get you distressed easily. It is never easy being your own boss, no matter what you think, and finding job opportunities is an additional and constant pressure, but even if you do manage to deal with that part successfully you are left with a question of how productive are you actually going to be with all the distractions around you. But don’t get discouraged, this type of job is the same as every other: the longer you are in it you are more certain to win it.

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Virtual Assistant

With the convenience of the internet, Skype and more and more offices going online all together, being a Virtual assistant is a type of work that doesn’t  require any particular set of skills, but knowing different languages is certainly a plus. That doesn’t  mean that everyone can get this job. You have to be great at multitasking, reliable and creative as well. The competition is fierce, but the pay is great.  


While we are on the subject of languages, if you are fluent in any language besides your own, you should definitely consider working as a translator. You don’t have to even have any type of certificate, although it is a plus, but there are a lot of online third party agencies that will help you get paid. If you are bilingual, this is a job for you.

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Web Developer

Everyone needs a website. Your first neighbor could be looking for a way to advertise his business online, this is a job that will certainly provide many opportunities, and you can even get a certificate online. Of course the competition is ferocious, and the only way that you can stay competitive is to keep learning and developing your own skills as well.

Graphic designer 

As a follow-up of our previous profession, if you are creative and good with taking criticism, know that everything you can possibly imagine is manageable to be produced as a design. You have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, and as in development constant learning and self-improvement is a must.

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Software engineer

Every company and every small business are in a need for an app that will help them cut their working force or make their job easier. On the other hand, everybody, including you, wants a new app, a new game and we are listing those app stores at least couple times a week. It may be hard to stay competitive, but the needs keep growing so stay diligent.


Are you a lawyer, a doctor, or is there a profession that you are good at and certified as an expert? In that case, if you are looking for additional work or you are a stay-at-home parent at least you can offer your expert advice to clients and earn extra money. If you commit to it, this is a lucrative business and could provide a more than decent salary.

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Call center representative

With VoIP systems, and the convenience of the internet and Skype, companies are looking forward to cut on certain costs and offer you a chance to represent them from your home. Most companies do require a training period, and do expect from you to learn their script and honor the ethical code when addressing customers.

Tech support

As our previous choice, if you are good at learning new things and you particularly handle communication with clients very well, you can certainly earn extra money online as a tech support. Salaries, however, vary, but with experience your paycheck will grow too.


Many teachers are tutoring and offering additional classes for students from their home, but today there is also a great need for online teachers. You can even get paid more than you could in schools and college, on traditional way. If you are meeting the requirements, and you are good at what you do, you will have no problem finding a good job.

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The least favorite solution, but could also get you a decent salary if you are looking for a stay at home job. Again, learning means earning, but there is a problem of many graduates working for free and most companies don’t want to pay for something they can get for free. On the other hand, if you are methodical and you survive the first two years, most writers agree that in the end it pays off.

The greatest problem one might have in working from home is the job search. Too many companies and clients are not even sure what is it that they need, and getting paid is a whole different set of troubles. It requires self discipline, a great deal of handling stress, but people who work from home for more than five years have the same opinion about accepting company offers and actually going to the office to work. In fact, they would never do such a thing

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