Every year, countless new startups enter the business arena. Building a solid brand from the ground up is a formidable task, and requires thorough planning, expert leadership and ingenuity. Tech startups are in their natural environment in an information age, but the competition is quite fierce.

It’s hard to predict who’s going to hit big and who’s likely to bite the dust. To separate the wheat from the chaff, you need to take into account factors like revenues, funding, growth and so on. Keep in mind that the business world is a graveyard of brilliant ideas that just couldn’t manage to attract investors.

No slacking

Slack has taken the world of business by surprise. It’s one of the fastest growing communication applications out there, and for a good reason. It allows users to create group chat rooms with their co-workers, which helps a lot in the fast-paced business world of today. It also has private messaging and file sharing features you can use on your desktop or mobile platforms. No wonder that thousands of companies worldwide are already laying their trust in Slack.

a cart full of groceries

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A cart full of groceries

Consumers have an insatiable hunger for various products, and they want them fast. With Instacart app, you can order groceries from your phone and expect them to arrive to your address in less than an hour. Whether you have a sweet tooth or need some household essentials, Instacart has got you covered. This platform operates in a limited number of cities, but the millions of dollars raised so far sure look promising.

Private jet

The booming market of e-commerce can be quite unforgiving, but one startup managed to find its space under the sun. In fact, Jet is rumored to be one of the platforms that could compete with Amazon. It strives to empower consumers and offer them transparency. On top of that, it offers prices that are at least 10% lower than competition, which could just be Jet’s ticket to the divine business pantheon.

Time for dusting

You might not be a Hollywood celebrity, but in modern age, everyone’s privacy is at stake. Cyber Dust is a free application that enables you to send self-destructing texts and photos. That way you are not leaving any traces that could put you in an awkward situation. This tool works best in specific cases such as business negotiations or some private activities, which you want to be extra careful with. After all, you know what they say: “Pics or it didn’t happen”.

Scope out

Periscope is a startup Twitter bought even before its launching. If that isn’t enough to spark interest, know that this live streaming application has an edge over its competitors. Sharing your footage with followers who can send you hearts is not groundbreaking, but replaying the content later is something new. The competition like Meerkat doesn’t provide that, as the file is lost after the stream is over. This means that periscope can make up for being late in the game.

scope out

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Connection failed

Some people claim that a lousy Wi-Fi is worse than not having internet at all. This is not far from the truth, and we are all prone to internet frustrations. Eero aims to solve that problem with small devices that utilize Bluetooth and mesh networking. These white pods boost the signal strength in your home, and are interconnected themselves with internal radios. That should be enough to end our days of woes, and make business run like clockwork.


Child of the new century

Mic app has been around for a few years, and it managed to establish itself as a modern media brand. It is attracting some top talent and millions of viewers. It also managed to release debut video series that became a breakout hit on Facebook. The prospects for this startup are rosy, and Millennials are regarding Mic not only as their favorite application, but also a matter of lifestyle.

The show must go on

There are a lot of hot startups on an overcrowded market that could be the next big thing. The numbers of those that won’t survive a year is even greater. The advancements in the field of technology happen every day, and it’s no child’s play to keep track of the new important players. We presented some of the innovators in the market that have facts and figures on their side. Applications that are user-friendly and focus on problem-solving seem to be the ones stealing the show.

Posted by James D. Burbank

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