Emails definitely rank highest when it comes to successful sales marketing. They even rank above sales marketing through popular social media. Sorry Facebook and Twitter, it’s just not your day.

And I completely understand why. Emails, which remain at the very core of sales, are real, personal, and more direct. You get to share everything with your customers, and then some. You can share news to drive more traffic to your website, or in this case, drive sales through the roof.

Emails let you build up your credibility and trust. While at the same time letting your audience know that you’re working hard for them. They tend to see this when you provide them with unique and custom content.

Create strong email lists

It’s a fact that emails give you more control. You can control the number of people you will have on the list, as opposed to not being able to control driving web traffic through social media. Creating email lists gives you the power to control what kind of people you are going to target. This ultimately leads to more sales.

Attach Timeframes

Include a specific time-free, concrete suggestion or call-to-action. This helps force a decision or action. If you want consumers to buy something from you or use your service, and you have a clear intention. Then you need to be open and specific about it.

Of course, don’t be pushy. Use timeframes and precise suggestions to make them think about what you’re saying. Then get them to take action on using your service. Getting other to commit to timeframes is essential if you’re serious about making your sales. Here’s an example of what you should and shouldn’t include.

DO SAY: “Click on it right now. If you click right now, you will get this”

DON’T SAY: “We’ll see what we can do for you’’

It’s quite simple actually. Attach a time frame, and things will happen. If you’re not precise about it, people are going to think you’re just making fake promises. This causes low email open rates and even lower engagement rates.


Don’t feel like you need to use corporate talk. Don’t list all the information on why your service/product is the right choice. You need to bond and create a relationship with your potential customers.

Get down to their level, and try to communicate from a consumer point of view. Don’t cram your emails with what you think is a super sales pitch. You are a customer yourself. How do you get persuaded into buying something? Through humor and casual conversation that makes you curious to try something out.

The perfect timing

As with everything in life, timing is evrything. If it’s not the right time, chances are that you’re going to fail. That’s the hardcore truth. Marketing research shows us that when it comes to e-mails and generating sales, you’re likely to have more success when sending them at certain times on certain days.

What are seeing is that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for email sales marketing. Aim to send them around e or 9 a.m., as well as 3 or 8 p.m. By using this data, you’ll be able to reach a higher number of people, and potentially double your sales.

Custom Templates

Some emails are more effective than others. And sometimes you have no clue why. But to achieve the perfect e-mail that is going to get opened every time, you need to put in a little work. Go back in time (not literally of course), and see which one of your emails got the highest opening rates. Compare them and see whether you had a special feature in it, what was the tone of voice like, were graphics custom tailored for a specific demographic, etc.

Once you draw your conclusion, take the most popular trends, and create at least two or three templates that you’re going to send out to your customers. Now, your work is not done yet. Once you do this, you’re again going to analyze which email got more attention as well as led to more sales at the end of the day. Constant tweaking of messages, and creating the ideal template is crucial if you want to have great sales email marketing.

Intriguing Subject Lines

Now that you’ve got your perfect little template, you want people to read it and take action, right? Higher sales means getting your prospects to open your email in the first place. And what do they see first? The subject line. These subject lines need to touch on the curiosity of people, to get them to click and open your message. They need to want to see what’s waiting for them behind that super mysterious subject line that gives them the butterflies.

Coordinate Content and Be Real

What do I mean by coordinating content? I mean keep it together, and don’t say one thing on your social platforms, and something completely different in your emails. Consumers want to deal with a brand that’s real and doesn’t fake it. Don’t overdo it with promises; you don’t need to push how your product is the most wonderful thing that can happen to them.

Chances are it isn’t and something better will come along in the next email. Rather, keep it real and let your consumers know that you KNOW what they need and want, because you’re a consumer as well. After all, put yourself in their shoes. What do you, as a customer, like to see in an email?

Risk and Rewards

Now, this part is an absolute must in every single email you send out hoping to boost your sales. Let your consumers now what is the biggest risk that they are taking, if there is any, and what is the biggest reward that they are going to get. This is what people want to know – how much they are going to enjoy this, and if they can somehow lose from making a purchase.

Take all of this information, sleep on it, and create your very own, personalized email that is going to skyrocket your sales in a matter of hours. Comment down below if you have your very own email sales hacks or if we helped you improve your marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Keith Hearn is the CMO for a Michigan web design company, specializing in website development, SEO, SMM, and SEM.

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