Here are some tricks to improve your Youtube video SEO. 

Include the word “video.”

Make sure to include the word “video” in both the title and the description. This will make our video publication more suitable and rank better in generic search engines, such as Google because the users tend to include the word “video” in their searches. The searches made on Youtube necessarily don’t include the word “video” because it is implicit, here you can use other methods to rank, which we have discussed below.

The description.

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Description is the most versatile, practical, and least-used feature compared to all other features offered by YouTube. Apart from adding a link to your website or your social networks, you can add “the description” to your video. The crucial part of adding a description is that it can be detected by using keywords and hence improving the search. Therefore it is a very good idea that you transcribe the script of the video you upload.
It is quite a laborious job, if the video is very long you can limit yourself to highlighting the paragraphs that best define your work. The first 100 or 150 characters of the description are important as both search engines and YouTube shows them.  So make sure that the first 2 or 3 sentences are the most relevant. To make even more catchy you can include the links and everything you want to be easily visible.

The subtitles.

After describing the content, you could add it as subtitles within the video. It is a time consuming but fruitful process as it is an important detail since this text will also be indexed. There are many available software that could help you in adding subtitles easily.

The tags.

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Using tags can help you in ranking the position of your video correctly. Include all relevant keywords and help yourself again with Adwords to find the most searched words and its variants. Do not include terms that are not related to your video even though they can generate more traffic, the chances are that you will end up appearing in unrelated searches. It can make the user skip your video and you lose a bit of credibility. Make sure you are very clear and explicit with the labels, include the plurals and singular of the words to be positioned, with and without accent marks, etc. You can also use the categories on YouTube as relevant to your video. 

Structure your video.

Create a clear and interesting narrative. It should be clarified at the beginning, the users should know what you are going to tell, develop it and make a brief conclusion at the end. Your video should engage the users. Talk to them in an easy tone to gain their attention. These premises should be raised before and during recording, as well as in editing.

Use annotations.

It is easy to suggest the videos you have on your channel, through links and calls to action. In your written posts, always try to end with a question and offer content that solves the issue. This way you can promote your channel with tremendous success. Make sure that you don’t fill the screen with over- annotations because that way you might end up spamming and frustrating your users

Optimize long content.

This is the most crucial aspect that is to be considered especially if you are offering the content of considerable lengths. Do not be surprised if your video does not accumulate many views when it exceeds 10 or 15 minutes. The users are quite impatient with lengthy videos, so even if you deal with a topic that arouses a lot of interest, it is highly recommended that you create small promotional videos that serve as a hook and that faithfully summarize the content. This will help you in gaining a healthy impression and will give more recognition to your channel. Also, try dividing a long piece into several short pieces and link them together by means of annotations. You can also do this by including links in the description of the video that leads to specific time codes. In these cases, you have to be very clear so that the viewer does not get lost and knows what he is going to see. I recommend that you take a look at this Online Business manual, this will help you in strategizing your Social Media plan.

Set up your channel and complete your profile.

To make your channel gain more credibility you need to be assured about certain things. The process is more or less similar to that of the rest of the social media:

      • The first step is to add a catchy and relevant photo for your channel.
      • Select a good video that can be featured as a channel trailer to attract unsubscribed users.
      • Verify your account and activate the necessary functions for your content.
      • Use in-video programming, especially the option to include the watermark with the logo of your brand or company.
      • Configure what additional content will be displayed on the cover of your channel.

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Take care of your channel.

The success of your channel will be proportional to the regularity with which you post videos. Consistency will help you in building the network on social media. Your channel’s success is determined by the number of subscribers you have. Hence, encourage subscription as much as possible. 

Dissemination of content.

If your videos are interesting and the video size is less, it is very likely that they will be easily shared. Email is one of the best ways to share your content, you can set an autoresponder using a free SMTP service that lets you send your emails for free and automatically.  Some of you might be wondering what is an SMTP and some of you must know the answer to it, but Each video you want to rank for, you need to share the video in all the social media groups and communities. Also, Do not forget to share it periodically to maintain consistent activity around your video.

Take care of your viewers.

When you have good content, your work in terms of production and dissemination of your content is done.  The results begin to arrive and you see the first comments appear about your video. Now you can’t fail your audience. Respond and be grateful, answer to their comments, queries. It is quite likely that you will get very valuable information from this feedback that will help you generate good content in the future. The feedback will help you in strategizing future actions. And do not miss the opportunity to reply to the comments with new videos, it is a very effective way to retain your subscribers.

Technical production.

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Making a video with good quality is one of the simplest things in this whole process since it basically requires a little investment. Once you have reached this point you can focus on what is really going to make a difference, good useful content. Each video has different technical needs like it should look good in terms of light, the sound should be as decent as possible, and spend some time thinking about editing the recorded material to make it as enjoyable, direct, and helpful as possible. At this point you should bear in mind that the viewer will not wait long for your video, so save him logos, presentations, and endless leads, go directly to the content. You can add some music to make your content more enjoyable, especially for long pieces, breaking the monotony from time to time. Try to record at the highest possible quality. The frame size that your equipment allows should be attractive since all online video platforms accept content in HD (1920 × 1080 or 1280 × 720).

Adapt to the format.

Creating for the internet gives us maximum freedom when deciding what to do, how to do it, etc. Youtube Analytics is a very powerful tool that will give you a lot of the information you need to strategize your updates.

Create good playlists.

Having a playlist is a great way of sharing and suggesting content. You just have to group the videos in a clear way by themes and by projects etc. Visitors can easily navigate between your material if you have it well organized. This way you can easily share your lists instead of videos. Your channel will have greater visibility and your audience will get more choices. Make sure while copying the link that it is marked properly so that the list begins as soon as your video plays.

The thumbnail image.

It an essential little image that works as the «avatar» of your video. To say it in a better sense, through your thumbnail image, your channel can be quickly identified. Not all images work well when displayed at a reduced size, so it is recommended that you use close-ups, with good definition, well contrasted, and an “understandable” composition. Your thumbnail image should describe the content of your video. You can use the frames that YouTube offers you when uploading the video. The best way to deal with this is to use a photo that you have taken carefully during filming and that you have selected for this purpose. Ideally, this photo should be the same size as the resolution of the video. You can even use a thumbnail maker to create more professional images.

YouTube and Google+.

Linking your YouTube and Google + can act dominantly beneficial. The process of linking to one another is quite straightforward and well documented. Once done, you will have the possibility of broadcasting your Hangouts live through YouTube, your channel will be seen directly on your Google+ page. Also, you will be able to share content with specific circles. Adding to these features, the channel management options will improve.  The best of all, search results will get boosted.

Incredible content.

Having good and helpful content is vital. Valuable content is not easy to create, it requires great effort. You should be willing to give and help. It can be good, great, and incredible. This is the goal of all of us who want to contribute, share, and help a little through the networks

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