Social media platforms have become a crucial resource for businesses today. You can use social media marketing to reach new users, engage with customers and followers, increase brand recognition, boost sales, and provide better customer experience. Twitter is a leading social media channel and it has several options to optimize business strategies.

Having more than 326 million monthly active users who share over 500 million tweets every day, Twitter can prove to be one of the most valuable assets for businesses. By using relevant hashtags, pinning right tweets, and optimizing their profiles, businesses can engage with the relevant audience.

Top brands have been using Twitter to promote their products and services, and reach more users regularly. Twitter is proving to be a great tool for marketing and business. Even paid marketing plans aren’t that expensive. Over the last few years, Twitter has also taken care of removing spam and abuse from the platform.

Regardless of your business sector and industry, there are some practices that can let you make the most of Twitter for marketing and business.

Optimize your Twitter profile

Every element of your Twitter business profile counts. These elements include a profile picture, banner image, username (Twitter handle), profile name, bio, location and link.

Your username should be short and related to your business so that it can be found and remembered easily. Try to keep the username consistent across other social media profiles as well, so that your followers don’t get confused. While setting the username, don’t include any numbers or punctuation marks. Keeping it short will be helpful in getting mentions easily from other users or partners. Twitter has a 240-character limit, so if you have a long username, people might not mention you in the tweet.

Twitter Profile

The banner image should reflect the theme of your brand or its services. It should be catchy and well-designed because it is the first thing visible to your visitors. Use the logo of your business as a profile picture. The profile name should always be the same as the name of your brand.

For bio, you have 160 characters. Make sure to make them count by describing your business, its services and benefits to users. Mention the location of your business headquarter to let people know about your physical presence. In the link, paste the URL of your website.

Make the most of pinned tweet

The pinned tweet is the post that you can pin to the top of your profile. This will remain at the top even when you keep sharing other posts. You should pin only those tweets that can drive more engagement or are a part of your marketing campaign.

Pinned Tweet

For example, if you have launched a new service or a new blog, share a post about it on Twitter and then pin that tweet. So, whenever a new visitor comes, they will see that tweet first. This can work as a promotion plan and you should periodically change the pinned tweet.

Provide support to customers

You can use Twitter to support the customers and solve their queries or issues.

Since many customers share their feedback about the service on Twitter, you can respond and try to understand their problems. Twitter is a great platform for such queries because other users can also take participation and let you know if they too feel the same.

You can then meet their demands and satisfy them. You have to remain active on Twitter so that users don’t have to wait for more than 24 hours. On the other hand, if a customer appreciates you, feel free to retweet that and let other customers and visitors know how your customers feel about you. It can work as a testimonial. Don’t forget to thank them for their appreciation.

Conduct polls


Another way to drive engagement on your Twitter account is to conduct polls. You can simply ask a question related to your business, service, or customer experience. Polls are not only fun but encourage people to respond. You can gain a lot of insights and feedback from customers, which can help you serve better and improve. For example, you can ask followers about the various general questions, giving them a number of options to click on.

Tweet at the perfect time

There are peak hours for every social media platform when users are the most active. If you tweet during those hours, your posts can get more impressions, likes, and retweets. As per Buffer, tweets shared on Friday, Saturday and Sunday perform better than those shared on other days. There is research that reveals that tweeting between 12 PM and 6 PM can optimize its reach.

Connect with social media influencers

If you don’t have thousands of followers, then you can connect with influencers in your industry who have a sizeable following. Make a list of influencers and check their profiles to learn about their followers, their outreach strategy and engagements on posts. Send DMs or emails only to those who seem most relevant to you. They can promote your business and expand its exposure.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are an efficient way to boost your reach to relevant people. Not only small businesses, but also the big ones like Microsoft and Amazon use Twitter ads to reach more people. Choose the plan according to your budget and needs and go for it. Twitter allows you to promote particular tweets, as well as the profile itself.

Use proper Call-to-action (CTA)

The aim of your tweets is to encourage clicks, generate leads, and drive sales. You have to use proper CTAs in your posts that can fulfil your aim. Most of the businesses directly ask people to retweet their posts or click their links, but that doesn’t work all the time.

You have to be creative at this. Use actionable words like ‘follow us’, ‘visit our site’, download here’, ‘find out more’ etc.

Twitter for business still matters! To wrap things up:

Regardless of your budget and industry, these are the best practices you should follow in 2019 for making the most of Twitter for business and marketing. Engage with visitors, respond to them as a human, and grow your community.

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