It is not in vain that age we are living in is called “Age of Technology”. For the last decade, development of software had seen incredible leaps forward, especially when it comes to software and programs connected to business. So, how can you use these modern achievements to your advantage? Feel free to read on and find out.

How it improves?

Reducing time spent, costs, and space are just some of the areas in which you can expect improvements. Earlier, you had to make a phone call, make an archive, or simply to find your way through papers and sheets, you had to spend time and/or money. Nowadays, modern companies and businessmen alike use the Internet to its full potential. Computers had substituted clumsy closets filled with papers and files, so you save space needed for establishing an office. I’m sure that most of us use computer and a mobile phone, but what else can we use? For the last few years I have noticed that more and more my business partners are using tablets, for example, which is convenient for sending e-mails, reading, forwarding important files and web-browsing as well. Its advantage is that it is smaller in size, fits in your bag, and it is really classy. Trading is also boosted by technology, for it is easier and faster. For example, if you wish to sell something online, go to site, type text needed, set price and import picture. That’s it, after just couple of seconds; you got yourself the biggest audience, the one online.

Which one to use?

Modern business technology relies heavily on the usage of Internet, so think in that direction. Good thing is that there are a lot of completely free programs which you can use, and even better is that for those you pay, you see what you have paid for. Google has an incredible set of applications you can use, ranging from standard e-mail, calendars, and search engine, to those which can replace your clumsy file cabinets mentioned above, such as Google Drive. Great feature which Google points out as biggest advantage, and I must say that I agree, is that it is cross-platform and synchronizing type of service. This means that no matter the device and location you are at, you can access to your important timetable and files with just a click, or a swipe, if you are using tablet or a smartphone. In addition, international phone calls are not considered a fuss anymore, for Skype, Viber and TeamSpeak are fully free of charge, and all you need is a microphone or a smartphone. As an example for all of these compiled, my company uses BaseCamp for setting up projects, I store my files on DropBox, and if I have an urgent issue to discuss, I hop on to Skype, to discuss with my co-workers on the spot. If I can’t find my way out, there is TeamViewer, so some of my more experienced managers can help me as if he is in the room. Earlier, solving problem would require half an hour, and now, I finish it in a minute, without leaving my office.

So, when everything said is taken into consideration, it is clear that modern technology will continue to grow, and honestly, I’m growing impatient to see what else it will bring.

Posted by Daniel Lenson

After almost a decade spent working at various assistant positions, Daniel believes he has accumulated enough experience and knowledge to start his own small business partnering with close friends. When not researching about business matters, he likes to read contemporary fantasy novels.