Having a safe and secure city to live in is high on the priority list for the majority of citizens around the world. Vladimir Cizelj and his renowned Vlatacom Institute are dedicated to creating solutions that turn this concept into reality.

Reduced crime rates, effective crime prevention, fast and accurate detection, as well as an immediate response from city authorities is the ideal society has been trying to reach ever since the first cities were established. 

Luckily for us, Vladimir Cizelj and his team are dedicated to making this happen. Let’s see how. 

What is Vlatacom Safe City Concept?  

Vlatacom and its director/founder Vladimir Cizelj’s Safe City Concept is a very ambitious project whose aim is to leverage ICT in order to improve safety, security, service, economic development, and citizen well-being. This concept is suitable to be used in cities, towns, college campuses, industrial parks, and various other place-based communities that could benefit from a secure, efficient, and effective environment.

To achieve this, this research and development Institute headed by Vladimir Cizelj has invested considerable resources into the development of sophisticated technological solutions that promote a safer community. The best way to achieve this is through employing smart security – a term used for technologies that give law enforcement the upper hand when tracking down various offenders. Not only does smart surveillance technology assist the police and law enforcement, but it also helps reduce the number of crimes in the city, making it more comfortable to live in.

Vlatacom is focused on two main Safe City components: 

Intelligent Traffic Management System that improves and optimizes the flow of vehicles on city streets. It receives information on real-time traffic conditions on the streets and traffic intersections by using video surveillance cameras, vehicle counting cameras, and radars. Based on that information, the system calculates optimal timing for traffic lights and sends commands to regulate them.

Traffic violation registration system that detects driving through red light, speeding, and abuse of traffic lanes dedicated to public transport vehicles. Vehicles are recognized using Vlatacom Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The Mobile Automated Number Plate Recognition is utilized in dedicated public safety vehicles to detect whether parking is paid, determine if moving vehicles are properly registered, or identify if a vehicle is stolen or wanted. In addition to a decrease in the overall number of traffic incidents and related damages and injuries this system also collects significant revenue from traffic tickets. 

What are the benefits of safe cities?

The concept of safe cities is crucial when it comes to smart city development. Their aim is to improve public safety, enhance the security of the citizens, and protect them from crime and other threats. Safe cities should partner with different government departments, including security, social service, public health, and rescue department, in order to create an integrated system solution that will cover all aspects of citizen safety.

Once created, such a system offers four major benefits: adverse events prevention, timely detection, efficient response, and post-event recovery. 

Firstly, a successful safe city project should include preventative security measures designed to predict possible security threats and prevent them from happening in the first place. Secondly, safe city technology helps public-safety authorities obtain and analyze information crucial for dealing with the events that already took place. Moreover, a well-thought-out concept allows city authorities to react in a timely manner and allow their interoperation. Finally, a safe city concept should enable post-event analysis, recovery, and victim assistance.

About Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom

Vladimir Cizelj is an established academician and scientist who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade, before acquiring the title of Master of Business and Administration at Bloomsburg University. 

As a talented young professional completely emerged in the world of science and technology, no wonder he quickly made a name for himself and managed to stand out as one of the leading scientists in Serbia. To this day, Vladimir Cizelj has helped develop an impressive number of innovative, cutting-edge devices, technological equipment, and sophisticated systems widely used across different industries.  

However, possibly the most important event in Vladimir Cizelj’s fruitful career was the moment when he decided to take the plunge and establish his own company. In time Vlatacom has grown into the first and only privately owned accredited Research and Development Institute for electronics and ICT in Serbia. The R&D Institute is dedicated to technological development and scientific research, as well as to cooperation with similar scientific and educational institutions worldwide. 

On top of that, the Institute led by Vladimir Cizelj has been continuously developing its own software and hardware solutions used in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) security. Thanks to the vast knowledge and expertise of the scientist employed at the research center, the Institute is now considered as one of the leaders in Serbia in the fields of data security, asset protection, traffic control and management, biometric identification systems, and safe city solutions. 


The safe city concept is an integral part of every community thinking of becoming a smart city and truly enhancing the quality of life of the people living there. 

Citizen safety and security should always come first, and that’s exactly what Vladimir Cizelj and his Safe City Concept focus on.

Although it will take some time for this concept to be widely adopted and implemented worldwide, Vlatacom’s solution takes us one step closer to a safer future. 

Posted by Elaine Bennett

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