Wantrepreneur (portmanteau): “A wannabe-entrepreneur or someone that wants-to-be-an-entrepreneur.”

Does this sound like you? What’s been keeping you on the fence? Is it fear? Perhaps you’re waiting on the lottery of life, or you just can’t seem to nail down that one singular first step needed toward achieving freedom from the big “worker” rat race everyone else seems so caught up in?

But guess what? When it comes right down to the thick of it all, making the decision to take a full-on leap really comes down to your attitude, beliefs and how you take action on them. This is what separates true entrepreneurs from those who’re most content to revel in their dreams and simply “exist.” Let’s examine what successful entrepreneurs are doing right now, that wantrepreneurs are not.

Entrepreneurs aren’t looking for a magic Garden of Eden.

Why would they? Successful entrepreneurs who’ve made the leap from that which they desire to achievement don’t waste too much time dreaming. They use reality, logic and determination to get their businesses off the ground.

A wantrepreneur has a fantasy of how their business will look in the future, successful and highly regarded by everyone, but they don’t spend very much time getting to first step. Remember, this isn’t a Hollywood movie. You can’t go from bellboy to Donald Trump in 70 minutes like Michael J Fox in the movie “For Love or Money”.

Entrepreneurs are unstoppable in their approach to work.

Often at the expense of their personal life. Family and work sit in a lobsided balance beside each other, often with work winning out most all the time. The entrepreneur may dread a night or two away from their family, but they’ll always be available for a late-night meeting, or cross-country flight to close another lucrative deal for the company.

The wantrepreneur will have plenty of mantras that hold them back from diving waist deep into entrepreneurship like “my personal life is too important to make that sacrifice.” You gotta dig deep and do whatever it takes when starting out on your own path. Sometimes the sacrifices mean even more wealth and freedom in a shorter time.

Entrepreneurs seem to be egocentric, but what can they do? Entrepreneurship is hard. Really hard. You need to work hard – and at the same time, work smart – to achieve your goal. Wantpreneurs can’t understand this – that’s why hard work is underrated in today’s startup culture. Some people just want the reward, but they don’t want the climb.

Entrepreneurs don’t listen to naysayers.

An entrepreneur might hear Negative Ned espousing his reasoning for why they’re on the wrong path. Hearing the “It’s never been done before” and “So-and-so tried it and ended up bankrupt” speeches quite clearly. They just don’t listen. Entrepreneurs are as pragmatic as they are impulsive at times, and they don’t let themselves get deterred by all the noise out there without having the
right information and/or experiences.

Wantrepreneurs, on the other hand, find themselves fighting an uphill battle to get out of their shell and start their business. Everyone tells them they can’t do it, so they embrace the fear and use it as an excuse to live their life on the safety of the sidelines.

Entrepreneurs know exactly who to listen to.

Or how to find out who to talk to by asking other successful entrepreneurs who know more than they do. This is usually accomplished by reading as many materials about business, industry and personal/professional growth as they can. Good entrepreneurs also have a knack for seeking out physical mentors; people who know what it takes to start and run their own businesses, those who’ve suffered through the ups and downs and made mistakes they can
help others avoid.

Most wantrepreneurs have no clue who to talk to, or just don’t know how to disseminate information so it can effectively help them get where they need to go. Wantrepreneurs around the world can be heard uttering self-limiting prophecies like “It’s all about who you know, but I don’t know anybody” – or – “I just don’t know who to talk to about this.”

Entrepreneurs possess greatness because of their discipline.

Great entrepreneurs have an uncanny ability to curb their personal wants and desires in lieu of their business goals. They also have the discipline to squeeze some downtime into their schedule, where work is off-limits for a set time.

Discipline is required
for any successful journey into a career of your own choosing, but an entrepreneur has to temper themselves very differently. There isn’t going to be anyone around hassling you to get up and go to work, no one pushing you to eek out a special marketing project by day’s end, and not a single person (especially your competition) is going to encourage you to make another sales call at the end of a punishing day of rejections.

Wantrepreneurs spend a great deal of their day in la-la land; dreaming about the prospect, but giving into wanton desires like watching TV all night, or heading down to the local club or bar for the entire night.

Have you found the entrepreneur inside you yet?

Not too sure who wrote this but it singles out the one variable that’s always working against you the longer you hold out on your dreams of becoming a business owner:

Time is free, but it’s priceless.

You can’t own it, but you can use it.

You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.

Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.

Excuses and all aside, entrepreneurship is not inborn, and so you can cultivate the tools needed to get out of your current wantrepreneurial slump. Success doesn’t befall the smartest, the strongest, or the most loved. It happens when you charge toward your goals with unabashed passion and resolve, free from the vices that hold back those who fail to even get started.

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