In the last several months there is a huge hype around the release of new Apple made smartwatch. There’s already 2,3 million pre-ordered watches and the release date is still far from sight. Apple website released the misinformation about the new watch being launched on 24th April, making its fans go wild. After some time they removed this information from their website and confirmed that the new watch is not going to be released before June.

What Will the New Apple Watch Bring?

This watch comes with one of the best smartwatch designs made out of pebble steel and high quality protective display. It comes with a wide variety of different software that go from fitness to dozens of different mobile applications. This watch can also receive calls when paired with iPhone 5 and it can use new Apple Pay system if combined with iPhone 6.

This is by far the most ambitious and functional smartwatch, we’ve ever seen and, with the new Apple Watch craze that struck the world in last several months, it is definitely going to become a necessity for every business person.

Other Options to Choose

Although Apple Watch is being so popular these days, this is not the first smartwatch on the market. There are several other options to choose in this class, some of which come with a much more affordable price. Pebble released its own watch that has much less available apps, but its battery can last for 7 days, unlike Apple Watch whose battery can last for only 1 day at its best. Huawei watch is also an option which hasn’t been released yet, but it was promoted on 2015 MPC in Barcelona. This smartwatch is also very popular because its stylish look.

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Apple Watch Marketing Campaign

This gadget is going to change the future of the tech marketing. It is by far the most personal tech gadget, and this is the way Apple is promoting it. This emotional promotion is probably the reason why this product is so popular all around the world. People already identified themselves with this product, although they have never seen it before, they gave it a nickname, and it’s called iWatch by the public, although it is not its real name (Apple Watch).

The marketing campaign that follows this gadget is going to be remembered as one of the best in tech history. It included TV ads, paid-search ads, website call-outs and app cross-promotion.

How will This Gadget Help Business People?

Can you imagine paying something with your watch? Sounds too Si-Fi doesn’t it? That is exactly the feature that the new Apple Watch is going to provide. It will come with the NFC payment system, that might become the prime paying method in the future. The watch also comes with Passbook application that stores payment info, store cards, passes etc.

All this can make Apple Pay the prime paying service for businessmen all around the world. This is especially good for retailers, who will be able to make more profit by putting “Apple Pay Accepted” signs on their stores and websites.

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Apple Watch and Social Media

This watch also allows its owners to visit Facebook and Twitter, which will lead to increased social media presence and it will require the introduction of a new kind of content that is made exclusively for small watch screens. Each advertising agency will need to adapt to these changes.

This will increase the presence of the more simple ways of social media communication, like placing photos and status updates and it will decrease the number of more complicated ways to engage your audience, like articles, links and videos. Likes, retweets and 1+s will be the only things that will mater in smartwatch social media marketing since it will be much more complicated for watch users to leave comments on the posts.

Introduction of Geofencing

This is the Apple Watch update that has the most marketing potential. Geofencing is already available on some modern smartphones, but when alerts come to the gadget placed on your wrist it makes it much more personal. Business owners will be able to draw attention of their potential customers when they walk by their stores or offices. They will be able to promote their services, sales and discounts to the people in the area, without big neon signs and chalkboard.

Reintroduction of Simple E Mail Marketing

This can also be one of the consequences of new smartwatch popularity. Email marketing had it come back with the introduction of e mail smartphone apps and more than 41% people check their emails from smartphones. With the introduction of Apple Watch, email marketing will receive the new form and the old text messages without links and too much graphic content are going to have their big comeback. Messages will need to be short and interesting and copywriting will again become one of the most profitable marketing professions.

Introduction of the new Apple Watch and the grow of the smartwatch market will make the world go faster and companies will need to adapt quickly to these changes.

Posted by Neil Adams

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