In this era of instant gratification, modern customers want answers instantly when they call in with queries. Nothing can make them bounce as fast as they came than talking to a call agent who seems to not know the answers. Call centers are meant to provide a human touch to customers, as most prefer talking to a person when they need help over other means such as email or searching the web. If a call center is unable to efficiently serve these customers, it can be the fastest way to lose them. The best way for businesses to mitigate this is by providing call agents with easy access to important information. This way, they can find the answers needed and relay them when the customers need them. That is where a call center knowledge base comes in.

What is a call center knowledge base?

A call center knowledge base is a cloud-based platform that holds a company’s knowledge. This knowledge can be in the form of documents, guides, and tutorials with extensive information about a company’s products and processes among others. The platform is centralized and is easily accessible to agents around the clock and from any device. The goal of having a call center knowledge base is to allow agents to provide relevant answers to customer queries faster and efficiently. In addition, when call agents can’t find the answers, the knowledge base provides the information on the next steps, for instance, who to contact for further help.

A call center knowledge base needs to be rich in information to avoid information gaps. It is important to equip your call center managers with tools that can help them gather this information. For instance, with rotating residential proxies, they can access even the restricted sites and see competitors’ information, which can help them compile competitive answers to customer’s questions.

Why call centers need a knowledge base

 Improved customer support

Good customer support is the key to customer retention. One way to ensure quality customer support is by providing them with answers and the information that they need quickly. With a call center knowledge base, agents can retrieve answers and quickly help the customers. This reduces the call time, which means that customers don’t have to wait for long on the line before they get to talk to an agent.

 Encourages a culture of knowledge sharing

When knowledge is easy to find, employees can be compelled to share their knowledge experiences in the cloud-based platform. This ensures that knowledge isn’t restricted to a single person, but it can circulate throughout the team.

 Reveals information gaps

With a call center knowledge base in place, it is easy to identify which knowledge is missing in the organization. If there are regularly asked questions that the knowledge base doesn’t have answers for, and no expert in the organization with such knowledge, the management can take a step to hire experts who can help with the right information.

 Ensures standardized responses

Nothing can be frustrating to customers than getting different answers to the same query. It can cause confusion that can lead to more serious problems. Besides that, it can affect an organization’s reputation, which is not good for business. A call center knowledge base ensures that agents have access to the same information. This eliminates the chances of relaying inconsistent answers.

How digital marketing services benefit a call center knowledge base

 Knowing what the customer wants help to prepare the right answers

For digital marketing to be effective, it is important to keep the customers engaged for as long as possible. The marketers need to follow the customers on all platforms, answering questions and clarifying misconceptions to stay at the customers’ top of mind. The best way to answer these questions is through regular posts, blog posts, promotions, and the like. In this case, it is important to work with an SEO consultant who can help with keyword placement to ensure that the target audience finds these posts.

Digital marketers can forward what they learn from the customers to the call center department. This helps find the right answers and update the knowledge base in readiness for when the customers make a call.

 It can help reveal knowledge gaps

Digital marketing campaigns aim to generate traffic to the website. Digital marketers can turn some of the knowledge in the call center knowledge base into blogs or FAQs and post it on the website. Customers can then have access to the answers that they are looking for. However, for these customers to find this information, it needs to be optimized for SEO. Ensure that you work with a reliable SEO services provider. 

How does this help the call center knowledge base?

Instead of calling, they can easily find the information on the internet, which helps reduce the number of people calling in. If the customers can’t find the answers, it only reveals information gaps as mentioned above.


Even in the wake of the internet, call centers will always remain an integral part of customer support. To ensure that it is efficient, it is important to have a call center knowledge base. In addition to ensuring quick and quality support, it is useful in identifying knowledge gaps, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, and offering standardized responses. It is also important for the call center to work closely with digital marketing to reap the above benefits.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.