It has never been easier to promote your brand than it is today. The internet is the world of possibilities, but it is sometimes hard for people online to know what is real and what just another digital hoax is. This phenomenon has made people extremely suspicious towards this depersonalized marketing. The only way for random strangers to believe in your promotional content is for it to come from a credible source. With this in mind, there is nothing more reliable than for these words to come from an actual person, a person they recognize, believe and trust. These people are simply called brand ambassadors.

Not a Spokesperson

A lot of people confuse the notion of a brand ambassador with that of a spokesperson, when, in fact, these two are completely different. A spokesperson is a member of your team who is currently acting as a face of your company. Whenever someone needs to know anything about your company, they turn to your spokesperson. Also, if there is any public announcement to be made, it would be their job to do so. On the other hand, a brand ambassador is a civilian who publicly shows appreciation of your brand. Sure, in some cases (usually with celebrities), a brand ambassador is also on a company retainer, but this is never as transparent as with spokespeople.

A Person to Reach the Audience

A perfect brand ambassador is usually an influencer in your line of work- someone whose opinion is highly valued amongst your target demographic. However, a brand ambassador can also be a random customer who will praise your product in front of their friends and family. This is why celebrities make excellent brand ambassadors. For example, an American brand of canvas shoes with rubber soles, Keds, reached out to Taylor Swift and offered her to become their brand ambassador. This move had excellent ROI since she was probably the best person to appeal to teenage population, which makes up a significant portion of their customers. Furthermore, teens easily get on the bandwagon, so as soon as a small portion of them started purchasing from Keds, the rest were bound to follow.

Making Your Business More Human

Even the warmest and simplest logo is still an inanimate object and not something your customers will be able to identify with. On the other hand, going with a brand ambassador can give your business that personal note and make it appear more humane. Unlike your spokesperson, who is a part of your company, an ambassador will seem as a regular customer (just like your target audience) even if they are a high-end celebrity. Subconsciously, a complex network of relationships is developed so your clients create a bond with both your ambassador and your brand. Surprisingly, this connection between you and the ambassador strengthens as well, which makes them to be much more loyal towards your brand in the future.


Positive Thought is Always Stronger

Trusting a living word, the word of mouth or WOM, is something that is deeply in human nature. People who have something against you will always be there to speak up, so you need someone standing up for your brand. Luckily, people are always more likely to believe a positive WOM than a negative one. In the past, it was believed to be other way around which is why a lot of companies were overly concerned with various cases of slander. This used to drag them into tons of unnecessary (and even harmful) conversations they were supposed to avoid. In other words, several critics can do less damage than one good brand ambassador can remedy.

Winning Ambassadors, Brand Ambassadors

Unfortunately, when you are asking someone to be your ambassador, it is a huge favor and it is probable that it will be seen as such. You are asking someone to associate themselves with everything you represent. Fortunately, winning millennial ambassadors is not that difficult. First of all, a bit of flattery goes a long way. Follow their blog, social network profile or YouTube channel and find a way to appeal to their set of values and interests. Second, your success can benefit them as well so make sure that you present it to them in this way. Lastly, listen to your customers and be ready to respond to their needs.

Organizing a marketing campaign can be extremely effective, but letting your clients do this work for you is usually more cost-effective. Seeing how this is entrusted to real people, usually acquaintances of idols of your audience, it seems much sincerer. This is probably its best trait.


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