So your website’s up and all you need to do is start the blog. You gather a list of topics you want to cover, read up on Yoast, and sit down to type. But the first line – the very first line you must fill in is the Title. And that’s when you realize: you have no idea how to write a blog post title that sells.

Breathe deeply, my friend. Let me show you the way.

Write a Blog Post Title that SELLS

If you want to write a blog post title that sells, your title must accomplish 4 things:

  1. Appeal to your target market
  2. Capture their attention
  3. Solve a problem
  4. Make a compelling claim

Also, it’s best to do all of this in 60 characters or less. Tall order? Perhaps, but it is being done successfully every day by small business owners just like you. If they can do it, so can you.

Choose a Topic

Choosing a common pain point or FAQ is the easiest place to start. Once you know what you’re writing about, create a working title. A working title is not the final product so don’t worry about it’s jazz factor. An easy way to come up with a post topic is to ask yourself, “What topic would most appeal to my target market right now?” Your answer to that question is your working title.

“What topic would most appeal to my target market right now?”

This post’s working title: Writing Blog Post Titles

Gather Keywords

Jot down several keyword possibilities that relate to your topic. If you want to write a blog post titles that sell, you have to reach your audience using keywords. Once you’ve done your research and gathered a few good options, ask yourself, “What words would my customers use to search for this answer?” Your answer to that question is the keywords you should use in your blog post title. Now, rework your working title to include those keywords.

“What words would my customers use to search for this answer?”

This post’s keyword working title: Write a Blog Post Title

Make Your Claim

Whatever claim you make in your title, you must follow through. If you don’t, you’ll lose the trust of your audience. If you lose their trust, you most certainly have lost their business.

Most of the time, you’ll use your blog to educate your target audience. This is why “How to…” and “5 Steps to…” and “The Easiest Way to…” are so popular among small business blog writers. As it turns out, these are also very attractive titles for target audiences.

Think about it: your audience has a problem. Teaching them how to solve the problem brings a sense of relief. “Oh, thank God! Someone knows how to do this and can tell me.”

Your audience also likes familiarity. Telling them you’re going to solve their problem in “5 Steps” tells them the post will contain an executable list in a familiar format that they can skim through, follow, and quickly use to solve their problem.

In addition, your audience is busy. Finding a babysitter on a Saturday night is hard. Getting time away from their business to see the dentist is hard. For solving a business related problem, wouldn’t it be great if that was easy? And so they love to read “The Easiest Way to…” Yes, it sings to them. It beckons them in. But do be prepared: if you promise easy, it absolutely must be easy, unless you love to see high numbers on your bounce rate.

This post’s working title with keywords and claim: How to Write a Blog Post Title.

Add Pizzazz

Let’s read that working title with keyword and claim again: How to Write a Blog Post Title. Yawn, right? It’s simple and it might sing to your audience, but it does so very softly. To get it to really belt out your tune and draw attention, we have to expand on the claim with pizzazz.

See, I know that you want to do more than write blog post titles. You are a small business owner. You want to sell. And so I’m going to give you that claim as well.

This works for all post types and can be added in many ways.

  • “How to Take Summer Beach Pictures becomes How to Take Stunning Summer Beach Pictures Your Friends will Envy”
  • “The Easiest Way to Choose a Wedding Caterer becomes The Easiest Way to Choose a Wedding Caterer On a Budget”
  • “5 Steps to Writing a Resume becomes 5 Steps to Writing a Resume for Your Dream Job”

And How to Write Blog Post Titles became…

Finished Title: How to Write a Blog Post Title that SELLS

And that’s why you chose this post to read, isn’t it? You chose it over “How to Write Creative Blog Post Titles” and “19 Proven Formulas for Writing Blog Posts” because, while you might love to be creative and you might really like formulas, what you really wanted to do was learn how to write a blog post title that sells.

So try this method out and see how it works for you. Start with your topic, enhance with keywords, make your claim, then add pizzazz. If you get stuck along the way, drop me a line along with anything related to digital marketing, web design/development, explainer videos, or branding!

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Elle Denning is the Creative Head of Jumpanzee – a full-service digital marketing agency. Jumpanzee seeks to partner with companies looking to grow their business and take it to the next level.

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