Selling is one of the oldest occupations. As soon as people started exchanging goods and services, a pathway for the development of business was set. The first time a salesperson understood what a customer wanted can be considered as the beginning of a new era: business focused on a buyer, rather than the product or service.

What many entrepreneurs have been trying to do is to stay in business rather than having to end their start-up projects. However, in order to succeed, one has to know what the focus should be: customer service. If you make your customer happy, the rest is only history.

Here is how you can improve your business according to your customers’ needs.

Understand your customers

If you want to elevate your services and offer your customers better products, you have to walk in their shoes from time to time. Rather than being brand-centric, you have to be focused on your customers. Understanding what their basic needs are is the first step toward success. Customers are people of blood and bone, who have feelings and opinions.

Understand that you are not the expert in this relationship – they are. Let your business provide them with a solution to the problem they are facing every day, surpass their expectations by personalising their customer experience, and you will win their heart along the way.

Use data in your advantage

For some unknown reason, many businesses underestimate the power of numbers. However, even the smallest research, a case study, or an advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) with a limited number of participants can give much better insights into customers’ nature and needs than holding a monthly meeting and figuring out or guessing what they really need.

Even though brainstorming can sometimes be fruitful, it cannot give a solid basis like data does. Find patterns in their behaviour, use age groups, and make future targeted campaigns based on data analysis.

Ask them what they think

Small business can learn a lot from customer feedback. They say that the best customer is not the one who gives you praise and says that your products is the best – no, this is the worst kind of customer. Rather, the best customer is the one who does not like your product and tells you about it. This is the only way to improve your business – by listening to what your customers have to say about your services.

Let polls and surveys on customer experience be your best friends. After asking them a few generic Yes/No or A/B/C questions, do not forget to leave open questions – so you hear from them first-hand what they think. If you are posting an online poll, make sure that all fields are mandatory – so that you do not get partial and unusable data.

Unless you truly listen to your data, your business will slowly fade. Customers are the biggest experts in your business, so make sure you ask them and get answers. Only then will you be able to reach the stars.

Posted by Stacey Cooper