Although many young people are leaving the Balkan region in search of a better life, whether it is within the EU or even other continents like North America or Asia, there are still those who find great work opportunities in their native countries.

Being that most of the Balkan Region countries are in development, they are still rebuilding their infrastructure and industry with the help of foreign and domestic investments and EU funds. What makes this region so great is the education system, which produces highly skilled young workers eager to learn and explore new academic horizons.

The industry

The IT industry has taken hold with a lot of startups popping up all over the region, these small businesses are slowly but surely transforming the economy of their countries. As the market changes so does the need for certain experts. Vocations that were in demand several years ago are not today.

Apart from the obvious gap in the IT and programming sectors, other sectors are also in search of young experts to lead the development and change. Important people in the business world are taking notice, for example Branislav Grujić, the president of “PSP Farman” company has recently stated if he had the opportunity to go to faculty all over again apart from the IT and engineering sector he would also consider agriculture. Especially food production and processing with the focus on organic production, because, as he states, people are demanding higher food quality and better nutrition options.

The perspective

For young people in the Balkans it is important to follow job market trends and demands. It is no longer just about personal passions, young people need to be smart and have a long term plan. By choosing to stay in their perspective countries they can actually become key players in the economic future of their country.

So as far as the work perspectives go the situation is not as grim as it may seem. Especially in the countries like Serbia which are fighting hard to keep the GMO ban and are still able to produce great agricultural products. It is all about getting to know your market, working on improving it and not accepting the terms that some of the more frugal local business are trying to force.

Solving the problems

There are still issues regarding the size of the wages and the overall quality of life in the Balkan region, but this takes time, and it is definitely an uphill battle, however with the help of EU legislation implementation and better laws this too can be improved.

The governments of the Balkan region are fighting to keep the academic youth from leaving, in hopes of having them lead the change that is overdue in most of them. For now it is still a losing battle with Western counties that have a lot more to offer when it comes to overall quality of life and in some cases even worker rights. This means a lot has to change before the majority of young people decides to stay in their perspective countries instead of just packing their bags and leaving in search of a more comfortable life.

Posted by Nate M. Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He has a degree in marketing and almost a decade of experience in company management through latest technology trends. Nate is the editor-in-chief at