A modern businessman can’t afford to overlook the importance of latest tech solutions. They alleviate much of the stress and make day-to-day business operations way easier. You can use them to manage tasks, communicate with others, store documents, or balance the books. The best thing is that this can be achieved on your handheld device everywhere you go. See our top picks and run your business while sitting still and comfortable.

Where is the damn memo?
Until lately, every proper businessman used to have a memo pad in his pocket. Today, you can use the Evernote application- a digital repository for all sorts of information. Audio files, photos, text and handwritten notes, you can have it all in one place. That way you are keeping them from being lost or forgotten. On top of that, all data is synced with the cloud, so that the files show on all your devices including desktop.

House of Cards
Swapping business cards is a practice still popular today, but those cards have a tendency of mysteriously disappearing. Now we have a solution for that- a CamCard digital tool. Just point your iPhone at a business card and snap a photo. The software then does its magic extracting key information like name and address and updates them in your address book. Convenient, isn’t it?


A base and a camp
Organization is the milestone of business prudence, but even the top managers experience many hiccups there. With a help of the Basecamp, though, you can post new tasks, assign people to them, and follow the progress online. There’ll be no confusion about responsibilities and deadlines. This application is thus great for project management, and for keeping all employees synched up and on task.

Count me in
Accounting is the least favorite part of running business for many people, but that could change with a FreshBooks mobile application. A user-friendly interface allows you to track all your profits and expenses, generate invoices and file taxes. There are some other handy options such as tracing how long your employees are working on a certain project.

A trip to the virtual realm
Even with a private jet, no businessman can attend every meeting. However, with applications like GoToMeeting, the years of exhausting business trips and buzzing around the country are over. Up to 25 attendees can join a video conference remotely from any device. Even if it’s a crowded meeting, you don’t have to worry. A speaker identification feature will help you determine who’s talking at any given time. This digital tool allows remote presentations and sharing of mouse and keyboard controls as well.

Sugar anyone?
Digital file storing is a great thing until a breakdown or other disaster happens. Never put yourself in a position to lose the vital data, and use platforms such as Sugar Sync. This service automatically backs up and syncs your files, and also enables you to share files across various mobile platforms. With the free account a user has 2 GB of pace at disposal, but upgrading to a paid account provides much more than that.

Like a clockwork
Why would you waste your precious time and energy when applications can do the hard work? Access and back up your information anytime and from any place. Never again will you have to use pen and paper and wonder where the hell you have left your notes. Use your smartphone as a dashboard and find some peace and quiet to work. The good old office work isn’t going anywhere, but it’s nice to have alternatives that can improve your professional life.

Posted by Logan Grayson

Logan R. Grayson spent part of his life keeping up with the latest developments in marketing, finance, online writing and technological trends in general. In his spare time he enjoys reading comics and walking his dog, Speck.