The health crisis caused by the global pandemic has spilled over into the business world. It is the period of the highest economic recession in recent history and there is almost no industry that has not recorded a decrease in income and layoffs. Each company is a unique system and circumstances have had a different impact on each one, but with a cool head and with the help of experts, it is possible to adapt the strategy to the crisis and maintain profitability. Here are some suggestions on how to strengthen your market position and get out more prosperous despite the pandemic.

Analyze the situation

According to a World Bank report, the pandemic saw a 49 percent drop in sales in the SME sector last year. In order to adapt to the new circumstances and redefine your business strategy, you should first consider your target group. Namely, the product or service you offer meets certain needs. If they have changed because of the circumstances, you need to adjust your product, its price, distribution channel, and method of promotion. Redefining the strategy requires good managerial skills and you can hire professionals for that. Expert consultants will help you rebrand your product if necessary and enter the game with big players. The benefits of consulting services will by far exceed their price.

Don’t spend on what you don’t have to

One-third of small and medium enterprises cannot maintain liquidity in the first year of activity. During the pandemic, the challenges are harsher and entrepreneurs find themselves in situations when they have to fulfil all fixed obligations on time with unpredictable work time restrictions. That is why you should consider cost optimization. You can reorganize the job to reduce errors, save raw materials, or cut down labour costs. A well-done optimization means that you don’t have to decimate costs, lay off workers, and you can even reinvest the saved money.

Encourage sales

The good news is that despite the crisis, people are still buying, and it is only the way they do it that has mostly changed. Namely, research has shown that after the outbreak of the pandemic, consumers mostly shop online and there is no reason for you not to be part of the internet offer. To join the web game, you need to invest in marketing, improve communication with customers, and make your products easily accessible via a web page, email, or social networks. You can also create a blog with high-quality content that will increase the value of your site. By providing advice to clients or sharing news on your blog, you will brand yourself as an expert. In that way, you will keep old customers and also attract new ones. Content Marketing Agency services can help you achieve that.

Diversify your business

Think about how you can expand the area to have more than one source of income. For example, if you work in social media marketing for small and medium businesses, you can organize a digital marketing course. If you are a beautician, you can develop a line of your own products. There are many options and it is up to you to adjust them to your own interests and possibilities.

The secret of the company’s success is its satisfied employees

Laying off workers in crisis situations will reduce the production capacity or quality of service provided by your company and thus curb its competitiveness. Instead, many companies have reorganized the way their employees work through remote work or reduced number of working hours. Though the lockdown is now behind us, many companies have permanently adopted the hybrid model which is used both in the office and remotely. In this way, they maintain labour productivity while reducing the cost of renting office space. Changing business circumstances requires innovative solutions, be it a modified product or service, a way of doing business, or a new market. The results will not come overnight and you need to invest a lot of effort in them. If the success of your business is missing – you should make certain changes in the way you do the business itself.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.