I got promoted to the post of manager and that meant that now I will get transferred to another town. I was mentally prepared for that so it wasn’t something unexpected. The unexpected happening started when I joined the new staff. They all were well qualified and most of them were old employees. But I did not how the last manager was handling things here in this branch. I waited for some weeks and thought that maybe the employee behaviour will change after some time. But it does not happen. As a manager of a multinational company who got promoted recently my performance was way beyond average.  I was so tense about my progress.

All the employees were punctual but still, they were unable to meet the deadlines most of the time. The CCTV footage and other custom methods all showed the signs that they remain busy with their gadgets and are working. Some of them don’t even leave the office during lunch break. I discussed the whole situation with the headquarters. They listened to me and told me to get the employee monitoring app for that branch and employees as well. The idea about the employee monitoring software was new for me but they told me that are already using this in the headquarters and some other branches. The app can clearly show what is right and wrong with the employees or work tasks with proof. 

So I did the research and thus get the IT team to install the OgyMogy app on all the company-owned devices. It is important here to remind you all that it is not legal even for an employer or organization to monitor the employees through personal gadgets. Thus one can only install the app on the company-owned device. In case you are an employee and use company-owned devices, expect to be monitored through the spy app. Company-owned devices are given to use for work-related commitments and purposes only. If you are using the gadget for any other purpose then you should be careful. 

The experience with OgyMogy employee monitoring software was eye-opening for me. This app has a lot of features that can help an employer in not only enhancing the performance of the employees but one can also tracking all the sloppy ones and take action against them. One timely action against a sloppy employee will make other employees attentive and careful. This excellently happened in our case as well. 

  • This app allows the user to record the screen of your employee’s machine. Remote access to the screen means you can know in what kind of activity your employees are busy the whole day. All the progress on the assigned project is recorded with timestamped information. If you are looking for a screen recorder, here is the best screen recorder for Windows 11.
  • It also allows you to take a screenshot of your employee’s gadget. You can know about the individual progress and team assignments in detail with the help of the app. 
  • It will record the active time. This feature will help you to record your employee’s screen timing when they start and stop working.
  • You will also be notified if they use social media apps during office hours. Social media monitoring features include the Facebook spy app, Skype spy app, Instagram spy app, Youtube spy app and more. 
  • Another feature that helped us the most was the use of irresponsible internet service during working hours. Employees were observed playing online games, wasting hours in Youtube browsing and much more All this can be tracked with the help of the track internet browsing history feature. The app not only highlights the problem but also offer the solution. With the web-filtering or web blocking feature users can simply block all the useless sites from the target gadget. 
  •  The app notifies about all the installed software and apps in the target device Thus you can track any useless apps or software that are irrelevant to work-related matters. Warn the employees and take action right away. 
  • The keystroke logging feature is another useful feature that can also offer great help in improving employees’ performance. The feature keeps the record of all the keypad related activities of the target employees. Read the emails, search bar record and more with the OgyMogy. 
  • Choose your favourite bundle and enjoy stress-free employer life.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.