SEO is a crucial element for every business to date. There is no way of getting around it, and chances are your business already benefits from some type of SEO strategy. For a small business with a low budget, planning a robust SEO marketing tactic can be challenging. But no need to worry because there are always ways to increase the odds of ranking higher and staying ahead in the industry.

After all, SEO marketing is not just about finding new customers and expanding your reach. Still, it’s also a very affordable marketing tactic that every small business must use in order to get ahead. That’s why you don’t need to worry if you have a limited budget to set up a winning SEO strategy.

This article will show you how to build a winning SEO Marketing Tactic on a low budget.

1. Create an SEO friendly website

It is no secret that Google’s algorithms prioritize websites with quality content and informative articles. These websites typically have high rankings. With this in mind, you must strive to have a website that can achieve such results.

First, you need to think a few things before setting up a website:

  • Understand how you want to improve your keyword.
  • Think about how you can make your customers see and read the value of using your products and services
  • Find new strategies on how you can improve consumer experience and retention rates.

All these factors will contribute towards creating a site that will benefit from increased SERP visibility.

2. Plan your website content

Websites that are built to provide information must have engaging content. It should not only be helpful, but it should also be able to catch the readers’ attention. Adding photos and videos will certainly help in achieving this.

It is important to keep up with the changing trends in technology, society, or anything when making content. You can ask your customers what they want and need; you may use online surveys to gather data regarding this aspect.

If you are planning on having an eCommerce website, then the first thing you need to think about is gaining traffic which leads to sales conversions. To achieve this, there are ways like incorporating explainer videos, infographics, and images to hook your target audience to visit your website. 

3. Optimize local SEO

Local SEO has been a great option for a low-budget marketing strategy since it can help you reach nearby customers looking for local businesses. It is also gaining much popularity, meaning that more companies are offering this kind of service.

When setting up your local SEO, you can reach out local audiences as well as other audiences outside of your place like the rest of the world because you can add locations and tag them to your business.

4. Participate in social media sites

Yes, even with a low budget, you can still participate in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to promote your business brand. What you need to know are the best times to post on these sites. 

Doing so allows you to have an increased number of views and sales conversions and improve your SEO ranking through backlinks creation coming from social media sites with high domain authority. This way, acquiring free traffic becomes possible without spending too much time online just for marketing purposes.

5. Increasing backlinks or link building

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from websites that have high domain authority. This is important for SEO ranking purposes. The more domains linking back to your website, the higher your site can rank in search engine listings.

You can build links through guest blogging. Writing an article for another blog that allows you to link back to your site in exchange for providing quality information with proper attribution or participating in online discussions on various forums related or non-related to your industry. 


Small businesses are often too afraid to set up a proper SEO marketing tactic because they think it would be expensive. However, you can implement many free and low-cost SEO marketing tactics even on a tight budget.

The article should help you build a robust SEO marketing tactic because it shows different ways small businesses can improve their site’s rankings without spending too much money on their advertising campaign. The article also has some great content on establishing an online presence and promoting your brand around the internet.


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Posted by Elaine Bennett

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