The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work out of the office to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. When you are at a coworking space, it gives you the flexibility of working out of the office but yet away from any form of distractions or disturbance that you may have had to deal with if working from home. However, some employees gradually sway from the company culture to the culture of the coworking space, something no company can be happy with. This is where integrating coworking spaces into the company culture comes in. Here are some ways this could be achieved.

Provide multiple choices of coworking spaces

Embracing the coworking space culture is good but the aim could get defeated if some of your employees are still not getting the feeling of working out of the office. Coworking spaces are reasonably spread around these days because of their importance and they are built to serve the same purpose. There are coworking spaces in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, New York, Boston, and so many other locations. So, it is good to allow your employees to work from their preferred choices. Providing multiple options by the company has the advantage of not putting all your eggs in one basket. If one coworking space rubs off more on your employees there, making them lose track of the company culture, it won’t affect the employees in the other coworking spaces. 

Have a dedicated company workspace


This is one of the best methods to make sure that coworking spaces are integrated into the company culture. When you have a dedicated workspace for your employees at a particular coworking space, it helps to remind the employees working from there about their company culture more easily than having them scattered around within a coworking space. It is a place where everyone sits close to each other. This will help employees collaborate with one another easily without having external influence from employees of other companies.

Let it be business as usual

The company needs to set out a notion that everything remains the same no matter where you are working from. All rules and regulations of the company have to be kept even at the coworking spaces. The employees should also be able to do their jobs without a feeling of a change in the usual employer-employee relationship. This is very important too. All office activities like general meetings, one-on-one meetings, breaks, coffee time, and things like that should be the same norm even with the employee now working remotely. It should be business as usual.

Plan company meetups

Even with having multiple options of coworking spaces for your employees so that they do not get used to one place, there is still a need to do a meetup regularly at the main office. It helps to make sure that the company culture is still being followed. These meetings can also serve as reminders and clear out any possibility of employees imbibing the cultures of their respective coworking spaces. Company meetings or company social events for these purposes should be done away from the coworking spaces.

Make all tools available 

One of the ways of integrating coworking spaces into the company’s culture is by making sure that all tools needed for your employee are available at the coworking space. When they don’t have the tools that they need, they may be forced to ask around from employees of other companies. This could trigger some familiarity that leads to a gradual decline of your company culture while they embrace the culture of others who help them with what they need. Office tools like printers, scanners, and the like are usually provided by the coworking space. These services, including the working space for the employee and all furniture being used, have to be paid for by the companies patronizing them.

Final word

It is very important to integrate remote working into the company culture to keep uniformity amongst all staff. All company rules and regulations have to be stuck to no matter where the employees are working from and there are so many ways to achieve this. The regular meetups which could be once in two weeks or a month will help a lot. Other measures are equally effective. The result is making working conditions more comfortable for staff while still keeping the culture of the company.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.